Father into your hands, I commend my spirit…


It was a shock to all of us, the loss of Chadwick Boseman to colon cancer. He played various biographical roles but we all knew him and kept him close to our hearts as the King of Wakanda, “Black Panther”.  He may be gone but his legacy will continue to thrive on and he will never be forgotten from us, fans.


I need a hero, I’m holding on for a hero till the end of the line…


We are all aware of Marvel and DC. We’ve all watched the films, read-or not-the comics. Bought the merchandise. I’m sure some of us even dreamed of being heroes when little. And why not? Heroes have very appealing characteristics. They offer their services to anyone in need without expecting anything in return. They are brave, courageous and strong, ready to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. But they’re also flawed and humanlike, just like their creators.


Originated since the beginning of human civilization…


Heroes’ origins are bound to stories existing long before writing did across every culture known to man. Mythology has been the main source of Marvel’s heroes and heroines. Ignorance of nature’s ways led people in ancient times to invent gods to lord over every aspect of human life.[1] It was the idea of Thales of Miletus that the world can be explained into simple principles without resorting to mythological or theological explanations that founded science. In ancient times, heroes were mostly semi-divine beings. Take for example Perseus, son of Zeus and  DC’s Wonder Woman, semi-divine and an Amazon. Nowadays, heroes are ordinary humans with powers imposed upon them with some scientific help. But not on principle. Let’s take a look at two of my favorite heroes, Tony Stark-Iron Man and Bruce Wayne – Batman. Their first superpower can be their unlimited credit cards but being simply human doesn’t stop them from being heroic. Another pair of heroes without apparent powers are Hawkeye and Green Arrow that are graced with being good at archery. Making a parallel with ancient Greek mythology, the above ties them with crafty and intellectual Odysseus. Some mythological creatures though, made it to comics without any alterations. I’m referring to the heroic King of the city Uruk, Giglamesh, a Mesopotamian deity. I may be biased but it has to be said that Marvel Comics has succeeded in carrying myths efficiently in the 21st century, having superheroes bearing mythological traces in some form.


We can be heroes just for one day…


And what about contemporary heroes? People that risk their life every day to keep us safe. Does it matter if they wear spandex or not? I completed a test recently and found out that I had the “Hero Syndrome”. I had no idea such a thing existed but come to think of it, such behavior can be easily found amongst us. It could be said that the “Hero Syndrome” is an unconscious need to be appreciated, valued or needed. That may sound harmless but in reality, it could make the person bitter and resentful. That may sound odd but come to think of it, the source of the syndrome is basically needs. The need for approval and recognition among one’s peers or family. The thing is that when the deed is done and the short-lived high of helping runs out, an addictive circle is made that one can never get out of. In order for the needs to be met, no is never an answer. And you can see now how this isn’t a healthy way to live. As is my norm, I’ll close this article with a quote by a famous author that can relate in a sentence the essence of this whole narrative.

“When you say ‘yes’ to others, make sure you are not saying ‘no’ to yourself”

Paulo Coehlo


Songs used as headlines:

[1] Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow (2010). The Grand Design. USA: Random House

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