Through the tunnel

It is only reasonable that the first thing that crosses a person’s mind when they hear the expression “tunnel vision” is tunnels.

I am pretty confident that many of you have driven through the Ionian Way, so please stick with me for this example; There is a big tunnel between Corinth and Patras called Andreas Papandreou(which has a length of 4km). Imagine yourself on a sunny day. You are now entering this big tunnel. You can’t see a lot while you’re inside due to the absence of light. Shortly after, you’re out of the tunnel, but your eyes get hurt momentarily because there was a sudden change from almost complete darkness to light.

I know this may seem irrelevant, but please stick with me for a little longer; You must have noticed, for instance, that after spending a certain amount of time with a person your mind starts focusing on the negative aspects of his behavior, sometimes forgetting all the good things they can do/have done for you. You cannot see clearly and objectively. As if you want to get hurt. As if you want your assumptions to come true.No matter how hard you try you just cannot discard those thoughts that keep you behind or truly comprehend things that other people say to you to change your mind. You feel stuck.

In psychology, the phrase “tunnel vision” is used to describe a person’s state when they cannot accept any other point of view apart from theirs.

I don’t know about you but if I was stuck in a tunnel I would be really scared.

How can we exit the tunnel, you may ask. There is only one way; discover the reason why you got yourself in a tunnel in the first place. It might be fear, anxiety, childhood trauma, lack of self-respect. Whatever it is, do not be ashamed to accept it so you can find the strength to confront it. Feel free to ask help if you feel you cannot go out of the tunnel alone.

Because, as promised, after the tunnel comes the light. Might hurt your eyes in the beginning, but eventually, you’ll get used to it.

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Γεννημένος ακριβώς στη μέση του καλοκαιριού του 2000, όπως είναι φυσικό λατρεύω το καλοκαίρι, αν και με τη μεσότητα ακόμα το παλεύω. Είχα την τύχη να μεγαλώσω σε μικρή πόλη, την ατυχία δε, αυτή να είναι το Αγρίνιο (κατά βάθος το αγαπώ). Μου αρέσει το θέατρο, η μαγειρική, το διάβασμα, το γράψιμο και πολλά άλλα που δεν μπορώ να κάνω γιατί αυτήν την περίοδο σπουδάζω Αγγλική Φιλολογία στο ΕΚΠΑ. Τέλος, είμαι ορκισμένος εχθρός του άγχους και πολύ φίλος της ειλικρίνειας (ελπίζω να το διαπιστώσετε και στα άρθρα μου).

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