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I know what the quarantine did. We binge-watched everything on the internet, on Netflix… you name it. And now we are wondering about what’s left to watch. I got you! My inner film fanatic is having a party right now… Seven different film categories for every mood and kind of evening have been listed below, plus one of my personal favorites!

Comedy: Night on earth (1991), IMDB rating: 7.8/10

Five short-story cab rides around Europe and America. Intelligent humor and the always interesting mark of Jim Jarmusch. This is one of my favorite alternative comedies to sit down and watch with friends!

Drama: Dead Poets Society (1989), IMDB rating: 8.1/10

In one of my favorite movies of all time, Robin Williams is the inspirational and unique professor Keating who teaches poetry at a preparatory school. His unorthodox methods of teaching manage to bring forth the importance of non-conformism and…carpe diem! A life-changing movie for all ages.

Romance: Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (2004), IMDB rating: 8.3/10

A bit of drama and a splash of sci-fi makes this story amazing! Joel and Clementine are done with each other, so they decide to undergo a medical procedure to erase each other from their memories. As he goes back to everything they went through, Joel changes his mind and a wild chase in the memory lane begins to save whatever is left of their love. Unique and deeply touching.

Animation: My neighbor Totoro (1989), IMDB rating: 8.2/10

As two young sisters move to the countryside to be near their hospitalised mother, the days get filled with adventures alongside the spirits of the forest. One of Hayao Miyazaki’s sweetest stories that instantly brightens up your day!

Horror: The Shining (1980), IMDB rating: 8.4/10

Stanley Kubrick directing Stephen King’s story…do I need to say more? Okay, maybe a little. A family moves to an isolated hotel after the father, Jack, accepts the job of an off-season caretaker. Things take a horrifying turn when a disturbing presence affects Jack. He becomes violent and his family is trapped between Jack and endless snow. Suspense and a mind-blowing twist should be expected!

Family: Wonder (2017), IMDB rating: 8/10

This is the sweet story of August, a boy with facial differences who is about to attend fifth grade in a mainstream school for the first time and put up with challenges in his own special way. One of my favourite family movies with many interesting lessons to teach!

Crime: The Godfather (1972), IMDB rating: 9.2/10

Michael is a war hero and plans to live his life as he wishes, but tragic circumstances lead to an inevitable task. He is becoming the head of one of the biggest mob clans in New York after his father Don Vito Corleone, whether he wants it or not. The most beautifully crafted gangster movie I have watched…And a little plus, if you enjoyed this film, brace yourselves…it’s a trilogy!

Personal favorite: What’s eating Gilbert Grape (1993), IMDB rating: 7.8/10

Gilbert is stuck in the dying town of Endora. A low-wedge job, a terrible affair, and a tormented family background of an absent father, an obese mother and a mentally challenged brother. He doesn’t think much of his future until the point when a world traveler visits Endora and helps him see the bigger picture.

I guess that now it’s time to make some popcorn, sit with friends and family and watch! Movies have always been little alternative universes for me. I could always watch one and escape for a few hours…learn, dream, laugh, and sometimes even cry. So get ready to escape too, travel far away and have a good time at the comfort of your couch!

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Γέννημα θρέμμα Στερεάς Ελλάδας και φοιτήτρια της Αγγλικής φιλολογίας. Pop culture expert (στο περίπου) και cinematic nerd με κρυφό όνειρο να ασχοληθώ με την κριτική κινηματογράφου. Θα με βρείτε συνήθως με ακουστικά στα αυτιά να ακούω μουσική ή να χαζεύω σκονισμενες βιβλιοθήκες, εκτός αν ειμαι σε road trip κοντα στη φύση (θα κοιτάω τα δέντρα σαν τον Tolkien). Πολύ ήρεμη βέβαια καυστική, old soul και γεμάτη περιέργεια για τη ζωή ολίγον τι έντονη και ξεροκέφαλη, με την ελπίδα ότι τα άρθρα μου θα σας κρατήσουν καλή συντροφιά!

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