Fun in quarantine -on budget!

A tornado? An earthquake? Reading that Trump is  president again? The thought of the new friends movie actually getting produced, with Monica’s and Chandler’s son getting killed? What is in our minds right now that causes a greatly terrifying turmoil and suffering consisted of endless Netflix binge-watching evenings, dismal sessions of questioning life choices and continuous consumption of junk food? The dire quarantine!

However the past quarantine passed, this time we can all do better. Most people get scared at the thought of not being able to go outside for God knows how long, but if we are in an inescapable situation, the only choice we have is trying to be the masters of our own fear. Hence, by finding out what we could have done better in the previous quarantine, perhaps we will manage to get through with it more happily.

More specifically, it all gets down to the fact that our attitude is of major importance. The energy we have, the things we are grateful for and the ways we enhance this positivity: everything we do for ourselves.

What are we doing for ourselves during our daily life that makes us happy? Have coffee with friends? Shop? Go to the gym? Excellent choices, but as pretty much everyone has to stay inside and stay short in cash, so online shopping is not really a choice right now, plus why should our happiness depend on material things?

Some things we could do this quarantine:

1.Get creative

During quarantine what do we have? Time. Lots of it, actually. Could we have a better opportunity to start something creative? A reasonable bill for supplies from an online shop and voila! There goes our quarantine. If you aren’t interested, you could always write your thoughts down, look up some handcrafts, some recipes, taking care of your appearance and your house, trying something new and creative!

2.Christmas is here

Speaking of doing something creative with your house, Christmas is getting pretty near…according to accurate sources most of the department stores got out of Christmas decorations the last days before quarantine and most people decorated their houses the last three weeks of October, in contrast to the last week of November that is the usual time for most people to decorate the tree. This sense of excitement, listening to Robbie William’s or Michael Bublé’s classic holiday albums, drinking sweet tea and decorating is a real delight in this time of woe.

3.Find ersatz ways to do what you love

Travelling, passing quality time with your friends…who said you can’t do those during quarantine? Download and play chess with your friends, watch a movie with them, enjoy a beverage together, don’t let a virus make you miserable if you can consciously impede that. If you are in the mood to see something new…just explore what’s on internet, the free virtual tours that museums give, the forums in which people can talk to you about their culture and answer all your questions, the platforms in which you can do free virtual tourism. Not the same as an actual trip, but this seems a sublime to chance to take a lovely little trip curled up on the sofa with a cozy blanket!


I don’t mean to make your quarantine boring, but let’s think, what is education really? The term “paideia” in Greek covers a much broader sense of education than school classes and college exams. Education is something greater. Quarantine seems like the perfect opportunity to learn about feminism through the works of Simone de Beauvoir (look up pdf drive for free books on pdf) or expand our cinematic knowledge through watching works of Hitchcock or Tarantino.


And last but not least, meditate. This is going to sound really mainstream, but quarantine is not the end of the world. Losing your job because of the virus or not being able to continue your education is much more severe. If we feel a sense of gratitude and embrace this new situation, it will make it easier. This is the optimum time to work with ourselves, find our inner peace and reach calmness. Perhaps by helping others or offering psychological support, we will be able to feel better and less alone.

Just remember that we cannot change what has happened, but only the way we deal with it. Stay strong and think of what makes you happy


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Είμαι από το πανέμορφο Ρέθυμνο της Κρήτης το οποίο γνώρισα στο τέλος του 2001. Σπουδάζω στο τμήμα αγγλικής γλώσσας και φιλολογίας στο ΑΠΘ και μου αρέσει να μαθαίνω καινούργια πράγματα, να φοράω τα γυαλάκια μου και να γράφω με τις ώρες. Πιστεύω στον Υπαρξισμό, φτιάχνω τέλεια μαρμελάδα και είμαι υπέρ της άποψης ότι μπορώ ωραιότατα να συνδυάσω έργα της Jane Austen με το Star Wars ή με το Indiana Jones (μεγάλη αγάπη ο Indy), τον Chopin με τους The Doors. Κοινώς το ποιά είμαι είναι μπερδεμένο σαν το πουλόβερ που μου ξήλωσε ο γάτος μου.

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